Thursday, February 5, 2015

Courtney Alemeda!

On Tuesday the 3rd of February, me and my amazing mother adventured out to a book signing by a local author. It was so fun and inspiring! I got to talk to her a little bit about my own writing. She told me to keep writing and never give up and it's the writers that don't give up that end up making it! I totally agree! She's given me even more motivation to finish my novel! It was so nice to get to talk to someone in the same genre as me!

I'm so thankful that my mom came to support me! I have the best mom ever! :)

Courtney signing her book that I just bought! And us talking about books and writing!

Me with the beautiful author!


Sugy babies!!!!

Sugar Gliders are just adorable. You just have to enjoy this:

*These sugies are currently reserved*

Our gliders are having babies all the time! If you would like to be put on the waitlist let me know! These babies are very happy, energetic and playful!

Boys: $175 - $200 depending on coloring
Girls: $225 - $250 depending on coloring

Our New Old House!

On January 29th, we closed on our first home!

It's a very old home (120 years, this year) but it is in GREAT condition and has been updated. We Love this house! We are so excited for new adventures!!!

First off, our Realtor is absolutely amazing and I am greatly indebted to her. Her name is Kris Hammond. If anyone is looking for a house around places in Utah, you have got to look her up on the Utah Real Estate website ( ) . Even with the problems the seller gave us, I cannot believe how great our experience with her was. She is absolutely amazing.

We also used One Trust Home Loans for our mortgage loan. Kris's daughter Nickell Beach put the loan together for us. They are a great team! They both bent over backwards for us. I am so thankful for our experience with them. If you want a lender and a Realtor you can trust, you've got to go to them. They are absolutely wonderful!

Ace the Border Collie!

On December 9th, we welcomed the newest addition to our little family. This little guy!:

Ace the Border Collie!
Born October 7th

All growing up I have wanted my very own dog. I did grow up with lots of great dogs but I wanted one of my very own that I could pick out and spend time with and take care of. Now that I am married and we were on our way to purchasing our home, I decided that maybe I could FINALLY get a dog. I know a lot about dogs and training so I began researching dog breeds with good temperament, train-ability, protectiveness, energy, even looks and gender. I had a few dog breeds that I liked and I started saving money. 

Eventually I came across the Border Collie breed. It had EVERYTHING I wanted in a dog. It's stats were perfectly in line. I wanted to take my time to find the perfect Border Collie. I knew I wanted a boy. When I was little, we had a dog named Cocoa that was mostly brown with accents of white and caramel and I thought he was beautiful so I knew those were the colors that I wanted as well. I also wanted him to have a completely brown face. I'm not going to lie, I was really picky. I also wanted him to be really affectionate (I realized I wouldn't know that until I found the right one and lived with it for a while). 

Finally, in October, I found a breeder on KSL that had red/brown Border Collie puppies. I was so excited. I hoped and prayed they had what I was looking for. I called and talked to them and they sent me some pictures of their available puppies that weren't quite ready to go home yet. The last photo they sent me was of a little boy with a brown face and white and caramel accents. I was so excited. They even let me name him! I talked them into holding him for me and spoke with Trevin about getting him. Since we weren't into the house yet and were working on sending all the paperwork in, Trevin said he wanted to wait just in case things went south. I hoped and prayed everything would go through smoothly. 

November 28th, we were supposed to close on the house. He was ready to go home December 5th. We ran into a few problems with the seller on the house we were trying to buy. I was devastated. I was so mad that the seller would not close. Still, I hoped that we would close by the 5th so I could take him home. The fifth rolled around and I was on my toes. Still the seller refused to close. I was heart broken. I convinced the breeder to hold onto him for just a couple more days, until the 9th. Well, again the 9th rolled around but we still did not close. Trevin told me we would not be getting Ace. I was so sad I cried. You guys have no idea how much it hurt. It sucked/ 

Trevin texted the breeder and told them we could not get him. The breeder texted me and told me they were sorry that I could not get him. Again tears streamed down my face and I was heartbroken. After work all I wanted to do was go  home and mope around, so I did. Trevin came home about an hour later. December 9th was also his little sister, Emma's birthday so we expected to go over there. We got in the car and drove over. Little did I know that my mother in-law was hiding a teeny tiny brown ball of fluff in her arms. She handed him to me and I cried happy tears. Trevin had driven all the way to Tremonton after work to pick him up and surprise me. He knew how much it meant. I was SO happy. It still makes me want to tear up.

My wonderful and amazing parents watched him until we were able to finally close on the house January 29th. My parents were just so amazing, watching him. I went over there almost every day to play with him and spend time with him. My dad spent a lot of time working with him and training him. He did have quite a few accidents in the house but my parents were still so amazing and so kind to let him stay. My in-laws helped quite a bit too, giving a break to my parents and lending us their dog crate. I'm so thankful for such amazing parents on both sides. I am so thankful that it even makes me tear up! (I'm a baby.)

February 1st was the first night we spent in the house, and the first night Ace finally got to come home! Yay! And I've loved to spend every second with him ever since. :)

 Us chilling on the bed! Ace giving kisses! We are best buds. :)

He's so affectionate! Which was exactly what I wanted! He loves giving hugs and kisses to everyone! And he LOVES cuddling!

Ace get's a bath and falls asleep next to me. :)

Our first picture together. :)

Ace goes shopping with me and his aunt Millie! Millie was pushing the cart. He wouldn't let me leave his sight. As soon as I would, he would wine and try to jump out. It was so cute!

Ace's first Christmas. He loved all his new toys! His mama's sick joke of making him jingle like a reindeer, he didn't like so much hahaha!

Just chillin'!

He got shy at Hank's house and hid behind me but then, he fell asleep on my boots. Haha!

He loves car rides. Even if you're not going anywhere haha! He thinks he can drive.

I love this dog! I'm so excited for our adventures together! And I'm so thankful to the people that helped us get here!