Funny Quotes

For a while, a few of my friends have requested that I put up a quotes page on my blog. Apparently I say some pretty crazy stuff... So here are some random, funny, insightful, crazy quotes:

Me: "Are you catching my drift?"                                        
Millie: "..."                                                                      
Me: "Are you picking up what I'm putting down?"
Millie: "Yes, I'm smelling what your stepping in."

Me: "I've been drinking more water."
Mitch: "Well... You look more watery."

Me: "Growing up my nickname was Miah."
Mitch: "Can I call you Kanye?"
Me: "Can I at least be Lady GaGa?"

Sam: "Her butt feels like velvet."
(In case you are worried and wondering, it's about his pet Tarantula. It's A Mexican Red Knee.)

Me: "Look! It's a butt smile! :-3"

Mitch: "Have you ever been hit by two banana's?"
Me: "No...?"
Mitch: *Hit's me with two banana's* "Now you have!"


  1. You forgot the Buttne one, and some others hahah

    1. I don't remember that one, care to remind me?