Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adventures at Ice Castles!!!

For Family home evening, we went to the Ice Castles located in Midway. They were literally Ice Castles!!! They were HUGE!!! If you haven't gone you must! They close down at the end of this month. Here are some photo's of the castles below.

The windy corridor's of the Ice Castles.

The wall of the castles.

Inside one of the rooms they had colorful lights on the walls.

A fountain from one of the rooms.

Another Fountain.

The Entrance of one of the Castles.


My dad hates having his picture taken, that's why you get ready to take a photo, and then call his name and snap the photo. BAM! A picture of my awesome dad. :)

My sister is a goof. Haha! 

My two adorably crazy sisters. In this photo you can definitely tell we are sisters haha!

"Chew are taking my photo?? Oookayyyy!!!!"

My beautiful little sister!!!

"The walls are closing in!!!"

My silly sister. She thinks she's cool.

This is what 'cool' ACTUALLY looks like. Haha!

My awesome Mommy!!!!

My older sister sucks. This is why. No matter what kind of picture I take of her, candid or not, it always turns out really good.
Yep, she sucks. Dang those beautiful people!!!

She looks good so, I thought I'd try.
Yep, I'm not as cool as I thought...

My sister and her future husband. How cute!!! I love this photo. It makes me want to barf it's so cute!!! Love Them!!!

My Sexy Mama!!!!

Me and my little sister at the top of one of the Ice Castles.

My dad found a tunnel...
So he decided he wanted to go in it.

The night was a great night. What a wonderful adventure. Most importantly though, I love spending time with my family. I love the memories. I'd be so lost without these great people. :)

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