Friday, May 29, 2015

Ace's First Camping Adventure!!!

Over Memorial weekend, we went camping with my mother's side of the family. We had tons of fun! From hitting golf balls over a tree, to playing fetch in the lake and digging a stranger's truck out, it was tons of fun! Even though, to this day, my back still hurts from sleeping on the hard metal floor in my husbands work van... But it was all worth it!

Ace decided to make my suitcase his bed when I told him it was bedtime. He's such an obedient dog hahaha!

Ace Had so much fun fetching in the water.

And playing with cousin Koda!!!

Some guys came up to us and needed some help getting their truck out of the soggy mud. The truck was axle deep in mud!!!! The men tried digging it out and putting rocks and stuff under the wheels but it would not budge! My brother in law, Stefan ended up taking our men down there to assist and try to pull the truck out with his truck but it was just so stuck that they went back and well, this happened...

Still to no avail the truck was stuck. So, my dad went and got his truck, and my grandpa showed up! My grandpa is really smart with this stuff. He told the guy to put his truck in neutral while my dad in his Chevy tried pulling him out. 

And Tahdah! The truck was out and the Chevy wins! After 3 long hours of the men working tirelessly and the women being exhausted from... watching... hahaha!

This was the hole where the truck was stuck. 

I feel like it was a successful adventure. Going camping always seems to let great adventures unfold. I loved this camping trip! and I love my spending time with my family even more!

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