Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Loss of a Great Friend

On April 10th 2013, Trevin and I received some heartbreaking news. A good friend of our had taken her own life. I cannot begin to express the sadness I felt when I heard this news. I decided to take this time to write on my Blog and remember all the great things about Xanthe and how she changed so many lives.

Xanthe was one of the kindest people I've ever known. She was always smiling, she was always laughing. She made a great effort in caring for others, instead of herself. She was a truly genuine person. She had a rare personality, a very real personality. The kind of personality that was very selfless. She always looked to the bright side on life. She will always have a special place in my heart.

It was a great loss losing her, she touched so many hearts. Her death reminds us that we need to remember the important things in life. Let's not take every day that we have and the relationships that we have for granted. Remember to love so much it hurts, live like it's our last day and never forget those precious moments.


Here are some of those moments with friends:

Mariah Celeste Goodrich I don't know much stories about her, but I know that she was a kind, crazy, and a beautiful Smile when I see her with friends

Abby Montano In 11th grade I think it was, she was my only friend in PE class. We were always partners and I can still remember when we had to run the mile. We always ran together so we could complain the whole time haha Our conversations made me laugh...

Rosie Larsen when we were in tenth grade, we were doing a fetal pig dissection. I tried to remove the brain through the esophagus and she almost passed out...random memory, but it makes me smile.

Amber Mortensen Ok so Xanthe used to live in the same neighborhood as me when we were kids (behind the water gardens movie theatre). how we met for the very first is while we were kids she just walked straight into my house, no knocking or ringing the door bell, just walked right in and sat right on the couch without even knowing us. well my mom asked her what her name was and where she lived etc. and Xanthe just went on telling us all these stories (most of them made up from her imagination, none the less still funny). right after she was done telling us her stories I asked her if she wanted to play, so we went back into my room and played. while we were playing my mom found her parents number and called them and told them she was over here. up until she moved from our neighborhood she would just walk right into our house and tell us stories and we would play after wards. every time this happened my mom would call up her one of her parents and let them know she was over because she never told them she was coming over haha!

Amber Mortensen oh and another one!!! I remember when Xanthe and I were in jr. high and we had a class together. we would always be passing notes back and forth, laughing really loud at whatever the other one replied back with. and remembering that the teacher was always telling us to put the notes away, which we didn't, we just waited until he was no longer looking and start passing them again!

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