Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fun with Pepper Spray!

Trevin bought me pepper spray to hold on my keychain so that I could be better protected. Yesterday, we were talking about how much it would suck to be pepper sprayed and I had said, "I want to see someone get pepper sprayed." Jokingly, I had said. "Can I pepper spray you?" he said, "Sure." and I thought he was joking. However, Trevin was definitely not joking. Haha! We decided I'd pepper spray him when we got home. The rest of the story is explained in the video below. Haha! Just watch it.

(It wont let me upload so go to the YouTube link and watch it there. Sorry! I will figure it out later.)

(PS. He told me to tell you guys that he had to watch the video first to make sure he didn't look like too much of a sissy.)

Afterwards, I felt so bad for pepper spraying him! He was so tough though! I'm surprised he didn't cry, I totally would have. Ten points to my tough husband!

Pepper spray is nasty stuff, I had breathed in some after pepper spraying him and  I was coughing up a lung. I am not joking, I only breathed in a teeny bit and I was dying.

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