Friday, October 4, 2013

Annual Girls Nights Have Begun!!!

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for toothaches, pumpkin carving, costumes and fright nights! This is what makes up every Friday and Saturday nights with us, fearless creatures.
Friday Nights I hold girls nights with my closest friends. This year we started a little early. Friday the 13th of September to be exact! This is where I will post the pictures and fun times.
Every Saturday, I spend time with my two lovely sisters and Stefan. I love them so much! I'm so glad to have them in my life and that they put up with my craziness.
Let the awesomeness begin!!!

Friday the 13th at Castle of Chaos in Taylorsville:

Here is me and Katy with... WHO'S THAT!? ...I'm just kidding, we made friends with this guy. I think he needs a band aid.

Funny Story... While we were in line with some friends, waiting to go into the haunted house, Katy and I were just chatting in the dark lobby. While we were chatting a short lady in a full black suit crept up behind Katy and scared the crap out of her. She stepped back and tripped over a short fence to a small cemetery display behind us. When she was falling I tried to grab her and help her up but, somehow I ended up toppling over too. Needless to say, the rest of the line enjoyed our not so graceful fall to the ground. It was hilarious.

And a random picture of my sexy friend, Karen...

Saturday the 14th of September:

We went to The Castle of Chaos in Orem but, no pictures we allowed so unfortunately, I have none... Until we went to Walmart and found the Halloween stuff.

Me and my awesome older sister, Meghan.
In every haunted house, for some odd reason the actors always single Meghan out for special torture. The rest of us don't know whether to laugh or help her. Hahaha! We did Extreme Hands On where the actors can touch you or even pick you up and carry you away! They always took Meghan haha! From dragging her onto tables to eat her for dinner, to throwing her in holes, to chasing her with chain saws... She is such a good sport. Hahaha! Wish I could have gotten pictures.

Friday the 20th of Setember:

Outside of Anguish Asylum underneath the Provo mall. (The guy we ask to take our picture didn't know what he was doing hahaha!)
Those of you that are wondering, I'm not sure who Katy is pointing to either Hahaha!

In case you're wondering what a stalker looks like, here ya go...

The actor that was with us was obsessed with Amber and I'm not kidding, he asked her out like 5 times within 5 minutes and watched her the whole time and would NOT go away despite our efforts. He was 37... She's 20, we discussed this but he still didn't give up.

The Anguish Asylum was fun with friends, but it wasn't very good this year, it was kind of disappointing. However, we made it a night to remember. All in all, it was great fun!

Friday the 4th of October:

This girls night, we went to the Castle of Chaos in Orem again. It was tons of fun. They changed some of the period and actors around so it was a while new experience all over again. 

(My camera didn't want to cooperate this time so the pictures suck :-\ sorry guys.)

This is my new boyfriend.

You can't tell because the actor that took this picture didn't do a very good job, but this is Hope, Bobbie and me with the Pumpkin King behind us.) Katy was stolen away and we couldn't find her for this picture.

This doctor find it quite entertaining to pick on Katy every time he was nearby. Here he is stealing her away on his lovely steed, a hospital bed. Haha!

This is what happens when you're in line for forever and you get bored. Hahaha!

Katy's model pose. Sexy, sexy!! Haha!
Serious face...

Hopey Popping bubble that is her face? Haha

Bobbie being cute, the only normal/sane person in this group. 

Trying oh so hard to take a group photo hahaha! And Katy being scary in the background.

This one kinda worked. Hahaha! Can't miss crazy eyes in the back haha!

Don't ask.

Hopey tried so hard to keep her eyes open for the flash. Such a trooper. Haha!

We had a great time overall. Hopey and Bobbie even went and upgraded to Extreme Hands On so they could be drug around like Katy and I (crazy people). Haha! 

We got thrown into coffins, drug throughout the different sections in the haunted house, to being sacrificed on a table to vampires, to Katy being picked up and carried away by a vampire, to Bobbie getting lost with Hopey in the final section and Alex, Katy and I laughing from outside because we could hear JUST THEM from outside, it was great fun! I look forward to many more girls nights to come.

Friday the 11th of October:

This cold October night, we went to Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove. We go every year. It was tons of fun. The only thing was that it has been the same for several years in a row, they need to change some stuff up. However, it was still tons of fun. Having the company of my four favorite girlfriends, made all of it worth while.

There are several things to do at Hee Haw Farms, from tether ball, to Haunted Hayrides, to bean bag throws, to giant slides and even more. 

Here is everyone having way too much fun with the tether ball game.

Amber almost knocked Emilee out. Haha!

Me and Em :)

My new best friend. (Teavana is the best!)

Katy, our stunt woman, sliding on the slides. 

I think I'd pee if I ever tried this... GO KATY!!!

These girls crack me up.

This is what Katy would look like if she was a ghost.

Chatting it up... And Emilee stalking Amber hahaha!

This fire was hitting on Emilee and tried to grab her. 

Pretty Fire.

Sometimes I wonder about these two... Hahaha!
Look at that sexy butt!!!!

I'm not sure what they were doing.

My dream house.

Many attempts to get all of us into the picture. Apparently we each took turns looking crazy in at least one photo. Hahaha!

I love these lovely ladies.

We had a great time being crazy.

To be continued...


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