Saturday, November 26, 2016

Adventures with Summer 2016!

Hey guys!

Most of you know that I have had a busy summer (writing and working). I am sad that I haven't been able to post as much as I usually do. So, here's a taste of my crazy summer so far!

July 4th:

So I snapped a couple goofy pics of Millie and her best friend. This was much funner than fireworks. Haha!

July 11th:
While Millie and I were on our lunch break, we went...Poke-hunting... I mean paid bills or some other serious adulting... Anyway, we found ourselves taking part in a pioneer tour! I wish I could have gotten more pictures but my phone was dying... from previously mentioned serious adulting...

June 26th:
I got to pet a wolf! Okay, he had a little bit of malamute in him but, check this guy out! It was awesome! And it took three of our staff members to do a nail trim. Haha!

June 21st:
I drew a smiley face on our whiteboard at work and slowly people kept adding to it. Every time I went back there, there was something new! It was hilarious. I had to snap a photo.

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