Monday, April 10, 2017

Adventures with Andrea and Talon: A hike to the G!

Good friends are hard to come by. However, I found it in these two when I reconnected with the beautiful Andrea!

On this particular adventure, we attempted to look for Ted Bundy's cave for Millie and I's upcoming YouTube channel, The Horror Girls. Unfortunately the canyon was too busy and I had to be somewhere so we decided to embark on a journey to conquer the G mountain in Pleasant Grove. It was great fun!

I'm pretty sure that the snowy mountain is Timpanogos mountain but, I'm not sure. Haha! I used an automatic filter on these photo's but, I like them so... Here ya go!

Here's me, by the G. I was proud to have conquered it. 

More scenery with the automatic filters.

Here's the gang with Talon showing some sass. Haha!

Talon all by his lonesome. I don't actually remember taking this photo but, heeeereees Talon! Haha!

Millie laughing and Talon in the back drawing on a rock. I mean... someone left some goofy messages on the rocks... I'm not sure who it could have been... *wink *wink. Go check 'em out if the rain didn't wash them away.

Millie looking epic on the edge of a cliff.

She almost looks like Rafeke (not sure how to spell that) from the Lion King. 

Images of the G.

Millie again.... Naaaaaa! Sabanya! Babageeseebaba! Or something like that...

Good ol' Pleasant Grove and the Utah Lake.

Andrea and Talon

Talon showing off... Haha!

This random metal thing...

Millie mid-sentence! Hehe... 

Even though I thought I would die, I made it up the mountain with minimal whining... Okay, I whined a lot. 

Thanks for reading!


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