Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Adventures with Weight Loss: Before and After!

As many of you know, I went through a pretty hefty bout of depression a few years ago. Looking back on it, I am so glad I made the changes I did to be who I am today.

At my sisters wedding, one of my little cousins asked me if I was pregnant; I wasn't. It hurt to hear those words even though I knew she didn't mean it to be that way. That's when it hit me, and it hit me hard. I needed to change my life if I was ever going to be happy again.

I was dealing with a lot. I had a psycho friend that I had known for years turn into a raging stalker. I wasn't safe at work, at home, outside or anywhere. My friends and family weren't safe from her either.

I hated my job working at a loan center.

My appearance was just icing on the rotten cake.

The following Christmas, I made the decision to end my suffering by getting rid of the cause. I started looking for a new job. I gathered together all the evidence I needed to make my stalker go away and it worked! The police were on my side and I finally felt safe again.

After that, I searched for places that I would be happy to work and I found the best job I've ever had! I'm still here today and I'm as happy now as I was then if not happier. I love my job.

I began the tough weight loss journey and I made it! I made my goal from 180lbs to the 120lbs that I was in high school.

I stopped censoring myself. I said what I felt, I did what I wanted and I wrote what I wanted.
Taking charge of your life does work. It worked for me. No one can change your life for you, only you can. Your suffering may be caused by someone else but you can decide how you deal with it.
I still live this way and I've never been happier to be in my own skin! I'm my goal weight. I'm finally doing things I only dreamed about. No one can take advantage of me anymore.

Don't worry too much about what people think. Yes, we need to take care of each other in order for this world to be a better place. Only keep people that lift you up in your life and let go of those that want to hurt you. You can't fix them just like they can't fix you.
You're in control.

Thank you for all those that supported me on my journey!

*I love my amazing sisters!*



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