Friday, November 8, 2013

A Day at the Aquarium

A while ago, during the summer, Trevin and I took an adventure to the aquarium that was located in Sandy. It recently moved to a new location in Draper. I didn't put the pictures up on my blog and I recently came across them so I decided I'd make an entry. So, here is our adventure at the Aquarium!!!

Penguin Crossing...

 These Jellies are upside down... I have no idea what's wrong with them. Silly Jellies, they be on crack!

My favorite kind of Jellies... NEON JELLIES!


"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.... What do we do, we swim, swim..."

Electric Eel! I wonder if this guy was Ursula's helper in the Little Mermaid. He was pretty cool because anytime he made a big movement, his tank had sensors that would detect the amount of electricity he was emitting. It made this cool electric noise.

 "I'm a Piranha, I live in the Amazon!"

 Here's another kind of eel... I can't remember what kind. Look at his face, he's so cute!

 Stills of the Jellies.

 Stills of the confused Jellies....

 GIANT OCTOPUS! I tried to get good pictures of him but he was camera shy and kept moving away.
 King crab. This guy was huge! made me hungry...

Seahorses! These guys were so cute.

This looks like seahorses in a giant tank with giant grass... WRONG!!!! These guys are full grown BUT, they are TINY!!! They were about as long as my pinky fingernail.

I have no idea what this fish is, I just thought it was pretty.

 Miniature sting ray. He was so cute and friendly! He likes to get pet. Trevin and I bot pet him. He'd swim right up to everyone so we could all pet him. I can't remember his name, DANG IT!

 Me petting the sting ray.

Stills of the Penguins.

 I couldn't get the alligators to look at me so, I said, "fine! I'll just take a picture of your butts!" so, I did.

 This is some type of tarantula. I can't remember... LOL I'd be a terrible tour guide if I worked here, haha!

 This was a cool fish thing. It likes to swim with its eyes above water.

...I see you...

 Anaconda! He's sleeping. I've never seen one of these in real life before! I liked the Anaconda movie and always wanted to see a real one. Well, here he is!

Tree snake! ...Or something like that...

Red on black, you're okay Jack. Red on yellow, you're a dead fellow...or something like that.

It's a fish! With legs! ...With a name... that I don't know!

This is supposed to be a fossil of the mouth of a Megaladon.

Our Tickets!

 I love animals, this was an EPIC adventure for me. I've never been so excited in my life. Trevin told me I looked like a little kid haha! If you guys haven't gone to The Living Planet Aquarium, you must go! It was a great experience and there were TONS of things to see.

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