Thursday, November 21, 2013

Relief in the Philippines!

Hello everyone!

Here is the link to a Facebook post in relation to relief in the Philippines.

"Hello! You guys have been invited to this page because instead of sitting around and watching as people suffer, we are going to do something about it! It breaks our hearts to see the turmoil the Philippines has taken. The devastation is nerve wracking. We created this page to help bring awareness of the situation that these wonderful people are in. First, several tragic earthquakes and terrifying aftershock and now, Typhoon Haiyan has ravaged these poor people. 

This page is strictly for finding donations to give to 11 families in the Philippines. They have lost their homes. They have even lost family members and friends very dear to them. These are coworkers of mine that we work with on a day to day basis. As you see in the cover photo, while they are in need of relief themselves, they are providing relief to others instead. These are very selfless people that we are so lucky to work with. We want to be able to take care of them. They are in need, they need more then what we can give, so we are reaching out to you for help. We will also keep you updated with photo's of what your donations have done to help these people.

We plan to use your donations to help with home rebuilding costs, funeral costs and even to help give them a Christmas this year.

If you help us, help them, we will be greatly indebted to you. We thank you in advance."

Here are 2 of the locations to donate:

"Hey guys! Here are the addresses to 2 locations for the donation jars. Don't forget to go donate!!!

Feeling hungry for a movie? Or some popcorn? Check out the Water Gardens Theaters! They are the best! Great quality. Great prices. You can't beat it! While you are there don't forget to donate!

Water Gardens Holladay: 
1945 E Murray Holladay Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Water Gardens Pleasant Grove:
912 W Garden Dr, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Thanks Everyone!!!"

********* Please go to it and donate if you can!

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