Friday, November 8, 2013


This is how we spent Halloween. First we went to the Pumpkin Festival in Lindon. It was also called Evermore. It was SO cool. It was a charity event. It was in this ginormous house owned by some rich guy. It was so crazy, they had fantastic decorations and actors. The effects and graphics were AMAZING. They even had a creature company come and display their animals. I wish I could have taken pictures of everything but, my phone was dying.

I wonder if anyone can guess who I was for Halloween? I'll tell you at the end of the post.

Here is Evermore.


Yup, Stefan is holding a spider.

I never thought it would happen but, Meghan actually held a SPIDER! She may have given a few shrieks but, she did it!

 Stefan is holding a scorpion.

Some sort of snake.

Trevin is holding the scorpion.

Meghan holding the scorpion.

 I can't tell who's holding it now... I think it's Stefan.

 Okay, this snake is cool. I have no idea what it is called though. Hahaha!
Interesting fact about this snake, it was used in Johnny Depp's most recent movie, The Lone Ranger. He actually TOUCHED it. Meghan and HAD to touch it too. We touched something Johnny Depp touched!!!! Hahahahaha!

Meghan really wanted to hold a snake. She was only just a LITTLE bit grossed out.

 Hand carved pumpkins. They were stunning.

Funny lady on stilts.
 Blurry lady on stilts.

 This Pirate ship was on the front lawn of the house. It would blast air on you when the cannon would go off. It scared everyone... but me.

 More pumpkin carvings.

And sadly when I went through my pictures, it didn't save all the ones I took... Dang it! Oh well... Hopefully they do it again next year so you can go see for yourself!

After Evermore, we went to the Haunted Circus. It's my favorite of all the haunts we have been to so far. Next year, you must go to it! It was fun. :)

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