Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adventures with creepy people!

Some of you have been wanting to know what happened to Amber, Millie and I on Wednesday night last week, so I decided to write a blog post about it to fill everyone's curiosity.

Wednesday evening Amber, Millie and I went to the University Mall Cinemark in Orem, Utah. We went and saw the Gallows because we are scary movie obsessed. The movie was good, by the way. We screamed out loud twice. Haha! Probably because we psyched ourselves out but whatever, haha!

At the end of the movie, we were walking out to the car when we saw a man with grey hair, probably in his mid-forties, sitting on a bench next to my car. We didn't think anything of it, until he asked us a question as we got to my car. He said, "Can you give me a ride to the station, I broke my bike?" (Those of you that know the Orem Mall, know there's a bus station, literally like 100 feet away from the entrance of the theater.) I knew something was sketchy because of his body language and the look of his eyes. I knew he was most likely drunk, plus he could have smoked a little marijuana. Not only that, but he obviously "broke" his bike on purpose, since the only thing that was wrong with it was the chain was off the bike. 

Leary of the situation, I replied, "What station?"

"I don't know, any station. Can we just get in your car and drive around?"

I gave him a stern "NO" and the three of us girls walked to my car and quickly got in. 

Worried about other women, I watched him from the car and noticed that he kept flagging down other women while completely ignoring the men that walked out of the theater by retreating back to his bench and pretending nothing ever happened. I decided to call Orem dispatch.

I explained to the woman on the other line what was happening and she sent two officers to our location. I think he knew what we were doing because he looked at us, got up from his bench, walked behind my car and put his hands on the trunk. I told the woman on the phone everything as it happened. The man then walked to the passenger side, fell against the car next to us, stood up, fell against my car and then slid himself to the passenger side door where Amber was sitting. He began pounding on the window, pulling on the handle and demanding that we open the door. 

Amber kept telling him NO.

Millie is hilarious and pulled out her fancy double bladed (earwig looking) pocket knife and set it on her lap.

I put my purse on my lap and unzipped the holster area where "Matilda" hides, still invisible.

The woman told me to keep her on the line until the officers arrived. 

A few minutes later, officers did arrive. A few minutes later, an officer pulled up and parked in the row behind us. The man saw him and quickly made his way back to his bench. The officer approached the passenger side and Amber rolled the window down. We told him everything that happened and told him who the man was. He told us that they had dealt with him several times before. He then walked over to the man and began questioning him. Moments later, another officer arrived and parked directly behind my car. The other cop flagged him down and he went over to him and began chewing the man out. We rolled down the window just a teeny bit to listen and what we got out of it was that the cop chewing him out had dealt with him multiple times too. Shortly after, they called for back up and a mall cop arrived as well as a few other cops. They ended up arresting the man.

The second cop moved his car so I could leave and I made eye contact with the first cop, giving him a thumbs up to see if it was okay for me to leave and he nodded and waved, indicating it was okay for me to drive away and we left.

Moral of the Story:

1. Many people criticize cops. I know there are few out there that are corrupt, just like there are doctors, nurses, grocery baggers, teachers, students, friends, family and even garbage man that are corrupt to some degree. However, I choose to believe that most people out there are just like you and me, just living their lives, trying to make life easier for others as well as themselves. It's pretty easy to tell who is good and who is not. Cops are meant to be tough. They are meant to be no nonsense men and women. Make yours and their lives and experiences easier by cooperating. Remember, you reap what you sew. If your a jerk to someone, especially for no reason, be prepared to receive the same treatment back. Cops are the good guys. I have had MANY run ins with cops (don't worry, I've never committed a crime) and every single experience, I treated them with respect and I received the same treatment back. I mean, I go to school with many of them! I'm sick of people judging them. Some of them are great friends of mine! I've probably literally had hundreds of conversations with many different officers and NOT A SINGLE ONE was anything like how media portrays them. I gotta tell ya, they have saved me numerous times and that is all they do ALL DAY. You may criticize them now, but if you were in this situation, I'll tell you right now, a COP is going to be the first one to come save you and YOU will be grateful that they did (all you hypocrites out there, I'm sick of it). I am very thankful to all those men and women everywhere that risk their lives to do what? SAVE YOU AND ME FROM STUPID INCIDENTS LIKE THIS. Any person in their right mind would see how selfless of an act it is for them to go out and save our butts every day. *Sigh* Rant over. Moving on.

2. The second point I would like to make. All of you wondering who "Matilda" is, she is my constant purse companion. She is a .380 pistol. All you anti gun advocates out there, say the man broke my window, maybe pulled a knife out and grabbed Amber who was just sitting in the passenger seat, No time to call 911, he was going to hurt her. Would you really rather have you, or your friend be dead and have the guy run and wreak havoc and harm other people for who knows how long, until the guy actually gets arrested? I would rather have one less psycho to worry about then see that unfold. I'll tell you right now, someone breaking into my house to kill my family, I'm going to be really thankful for those 4 hours I spent at Gunnies to get my permit and for "Matilda". My family will always come first. The only one to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. Bad guys are always going to do what they've always done, you take guns away, all you're taking them from are the good, honest, men and women out there. Bad guys will always find a way to get a gun. I mean drugs are illegal but I know for a fact that just because they are illegal, doesn't mean suddenly there is no drugs anywhere. Killing is never okay, on either side. I hope I never have to use Matilda, but I'll sure be very thankful she is there if I ever have to. No it's not cool. Using it is ONLY for protection and the VERY LAST resort.

Sorry, wasn't meant to turn into a ranting post...

On that note, the creepy people were Millie and Amber. Hahahaha!

Until Next Time.....


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