Thursday, October 29, 2015

For the Love of ALL Pet's! Don't Go to On the Spot Pet Care!

Hello Everyone!

I recently had a horrible experience with a business on a personal and professional level and I feel compelled to tell all of you about it in hopes to stop this place. I hope all of you read and share this post with everyone you know locally so we can put a stop to this! I had heard bad things about this place before but I never took note of it until now.

On the Spot Pet Care is located in American Fork, UT. They are a grooming and boarding facility. As you all know, I work for a fabulous doctor named Dr Samuel Rivera. He is so passionate about his patients and all animals. Everyone that has had their pets seen by him and know him, know how great of a doctor and all around person he is. That is one reason why this makes me so mad and of course as all of you know, I'm very passionate about anti-bullying and I can't shut up.

So, here's my story.

About 2 weeks ago we got a call from the owner of On the Spot Pet Care saying that one of her client's dog's had an abscess that burst on the chin of the dog. It was a senior husky that we had seen before and were familiar with. I was the one that spoke to her and scheduled that appointment.

Shortly after speaking to her, I got a call from the owners themselves requesting everything to be documented and for me to take photo's of the wound because they didn't trust her and felt like she was being dishonest so, I told them we would take care of everything and comply to their wishes.

So the owner, Lori Stevens, comes to the appointment. I should have known exactly what we were dealing with when the first thing she said to me was, "I don't see my business cards up here.". I was like "okay.....". So she already left a sick taste in my mouth. She was just one of those people that didn't mind being rude right from the start.

So I take her and the patient back into a room and Dr Rivera enters the room to get a history. She proceeds to tell him that it was an abscess that burst. I think anyone that would have taken a look at the wound didn't need to be a doctor to know that it was most definitely not an abscess that burst.

The wound was a gash about 2-3 inches long along the jaw line with skin hanging from the wound. It was dirty, infected and crusted over and the poor dog was lethargic. (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share photo's, I will ask and find out and if I get an okay, I will post them into this blog post.)

Dr Rivera, being a well educated doctor, knew that it was most definitely not an abscess that burst and that it was indeed an injury that happened at her facility. I don't think she liked that he knew that. He explained it kindly but she was not happy. Also, her story didn't seem to add up when we got the history. Something about her was very shady and we all knew it. She even admitted that the wound was noticed 3 days prior and she did nothing about it. She didn't even try cleaning it.

I entered the room to take the photo's of the injury and she was very stand offish about it. I had to explain to her that it was requested by the owners and that I legally have to take the photo's if they were requested. I took the photo's.

Dr Rivera gave her a diagnosis and we scheduled a time for them to come in the following morning to clean and fix the wound. It was too late to do it that day because the dog had eaten and we were close to closing. We would have to do blood work to make sure his body could handle the anesthesia because he was a senior dog. Also, it takes longer to go down and to recover from the anesthesia when they've eaten and can increase the risk of complications. So, it was in the dog's best interest to do it the following morning.

The next morning we didn't see her or our patient. I called her and left messages, no one knew where she was. I called the owner and they were irate that she didn't show up, later they found out she supposedly went to her own vet. I sent all of the photo's and paperwork to the owner because they wanted to seek legal action against her.

Everything was quiet for a few days until we began receiving horrible google reviews from people we'd never seen before and one review illegally claimed this injured dog as her own! Dr Rivera got his lawyer involved and she found out that the people leaving the fake reviews were her employees and her family! The employee that illegally claimed the dog as her own, was one of her employees! We've never seen her before!

Anyway, so Dr Rivera's lawyer sent them a cease and desist letter and we knew they received it because that employee called to talk to him and threw her own boss under the bus saying she forced her to leave that review and that she didn't know her boss was using her account! Doesn't add up right? We thought so. She was scared because of the letter.

Even after they received the letter, they continued to post bad reviews. We've gotten most of them deleted because Google and Dr Rivera's lawyer found and had proof they were fake. Dr Rivera left a nice response with medical terminology that blew Lori out of the water and I think she knew that he had won the argument so she deleted her own review.

Because they were such a horrible company, I decided everyone needed to know so I posted my own review on Google of a true incident that happened of my own accord. One day, during the summer, Trevin and I were on a motorcycle ride and stopped at the shaved ice place in the Big Lots parking lot in American Fork, just across the street from On the Spot Pet Care. There was a little dog that came from their direction and it was a pretty populated area at that time so we thought the dog belonged to someone at the shaved ice place until we saw it running back and forth across state street. Trevin and I chased the dog down and I finally caught it by making it think I had a treat (hehe, get's 'em every time). I held onto the dog and we called American Fork Police. We waited for almost 2 hours for Animal Control when I called them back and they said they would have to send a regular officer because Animal Control was busy. About 15 minutes later the officer arrived. We put the little dog in the backseat of his squad car and he found out the dog came from On the Spot Pet Care. He knew of them but didn't know about them so I gave him directions there and off he went. This means the dog went unnoticed that it was gone for over 2 hours!

I left the review not once mentioning Utah Veterinary Hospital (UVH), just leaving an honest review of my own experience with them. She responded to my review in public calling me a liar and that something like that has never happened while telling a similar story that didn't match mine. Again, she's contradicting herself. Obviously she is hiding something if she has to claim something like that has never happened and then tell a similar story. (Apparently it's happened more then once???) She also then said that she knew I was from UVH (which means she creepy stalker researched me) and said I only posted it because of "revenge" and that I was being "immature". No, I felt she was a shady person so I posted my review so everyone could know that her facility isn't the best place for anyone to leave their pets. My review had nothing to do with UVH which is why I never mentioned the incident that happened at our facility. But since she brought it up...

I responded to her response by updating my review by telling the public briefly about what happened and how she got her employees and family to leave bad reviews. If she is saying I'm immature, I think she has a warped definition of the meaning. I believe I out witted her because then she deleted her response to my review and replaced it with a new response saying, she didn't know me, that she's never been to our facility and that she has no idea what I'm talking about. (Apparently she doesn't remember it was her signature on the paperwork and all of us could give a description on her AND the number she left on the paperwork is the number for On the Spot Pet Care, she is dumber then I thought).

Here's what happens when you outwit a moronic business owner: They pretend they never knew who you were.

Here's the other thing, this has happened to many pets, you can read about it by looking them up. Also, many of the actually good reviews are by friends, family and employees which also has to tell you something. Reading through the bad reviews, you'll notice all she has to say is that the reviewer is a liar, she's not very good at backing up he claims. She's trying to hide what's going on over there and I think it's time to make it stop.

Anyway, this is my post about this shady company. We need to be advocates for the animals. They can't speak for themselves. They can't tell us they've been neglected or abused. We have to be their voice! Read, share, pass on! And if you've had a bad experience with them, speak up! Let us know your story! Feel free to message me!

Thank you!



  1. That business needs to be shut down and the owners put in jail for animal cruelty. And who knows what else is going on there.

    1. I so totally agree! That's why I wrote it! I'm going to do whatever it takes! I love animals and no one deserves this!

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