Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Update on My Progress

As of today, I am proud to say that I have lost 34 Pounds since I left USA Cash Services!!! I'm ten pounds away from my goal weight which is what I weighed when I first got married and all through high school.

l am so happy because I have not felt this confident in my own skin since then. l'll have to post some photo's of my progress later.

I think the biggest reason why I felt good enough to make this happen was the decision to stop taking crap from people and do things that are good for me. Getting rid of all the bad people and stuff in my life has been truly empowering.

Never again will I let myself become a victim. I am strong. God intended for me to be strong and lift others up and be a protector and that is exactly what I'm going to be. l can't do that unless I do things that are good for me, which brings me to the next chapter of my life.

Since I decided to be proactive and take control of my life, I have thrust myself into the writing world. I've made a lot of great author friends who have pointed me in the right direction. I've picked what I want my first official novel to be and hope to be sending a copy of my first few chapters and a query letter soon to a list of agents I was gifted. I am so thankful to all my new friends and old friends and family that have supported me in my writing! Hopefully you'll see my name on shelves soon!!!


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