Friday, June 5, 2015

Ace gets a brother!

For my birthday, I was just dying to get another puppy. I love Ace so much and I wanted him to have a sibling. I was so puppy hungry that over the course of a few pay periods, I saved up for another puppy in hopes that Trevin would let me get one for my birthday. I was so worried he'd say no but, my husband is the best person ever and he said YES! So we went around and checked out a few litters in the area but none seemed to really fit with our little family. I was so sad! Eventually, I found a litter of Border Aussies in Price and I invited my little sister to come along for a short road trip. I hate long drives when I have to do them alone so I almost didn't go, but my little sister said yes and off we went. When we got there, they had one Blue Merle boy, he was chubby and playful and absolutely adorable. He was for a great price for a Merle too! We fell in love immediately! Ace absolutely LOVES his little brother. They play together and cuddle all the time! Ace is so good to him, we can just tell they will be friends forever. :)

We have had him for a few weeks now and we just adore this little boy.
Meet Milo!

More fun pics of Milo:

Milo looks like a rabbit here haha! He loves his aunt Meghan. :)

 His favorite place to sleep when he comes to work with me is on the nice, cool counter haha!

 He likes to sleep like this all the time. I don't get it but, he makes it look so comfortable!

 Watching mommy!

Just chillin'!

 Enjoying the counter again!

Getting ready to come home!
Getting loves from aunt Millie! :)

I'm so excited for all our new doggy adventures!

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