Monday, June 29, 2015

I love Happy Endings!

Recently, this last Saturday, my little sister in-law, Makayla, got married. It was a beautiful ceremony! I was so happy we could be there even though several things happened that almost made us miss some of it. It just means that the adversary was trying his hardest not to let us be in the temple. However, we do not give up easily! After trying hard to get the morning off, frantically getting blood out of Trevin's groomsmen shirt, getting snagged by a racist homeless man and accidentally leaving my temple recommend in the car, things finally came together and we got to share the beautiful moment with Makayla and James. All those things that happened, just made the moment mean so much more to us. It was a beautiful ceremony. I am so happy for them!

Makayla, I consider to be one of my little sisters, not just because I married her older brother. I considered her my sister long before I was married. She has always been so sweet and kind to everyone. She has been a great example to me because she has always made me want to be a better person. James is a very lucky man. Makayla is a very compassionate and caring person, she helps everyone she comes in contact with and never expects anything in return. I have always admired her for her strength and kindness even though sometimes the person she is being kind to, does not deserve it. I'd like to be that way. I try to be. She is very forgiving, I have seen it first hand. She will make a great wife and someday a great mother!

As for James, I have always considered him part of the family as well. He is a hard worker and will be a great provider for their family. He is smart and strong (you kind of have to be, when you're in the Army). He shares a lot of the same great qualities that Makayla has. That is why they are perfect together. I admire that how much they both care about other people and perform many acts of kindness.

I am so excited for these two! They will conquer the world.

P.s. Sorry, Makayla, I stole some of your photo's lol!

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